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Come one, come all.

The year? 1822.

Preston Family Butchers has been a familiar sight along The Street in the village of Preston throughout our near 200-year history. First opening our doors since the early-19th Century, we are one of the oldest butchers in the South East.


Taking over the premises from Michael Gower in the 2000s, my wife Amanda and I have been serving our customers for over 10 years. Together with our fellow butcher Steve and a couple of apprentices, we are proud to offer numerous product lines, whether it be your traditional meats, or even the more exotic, such as kangaroo and rattlesnake! If you want it, I'll do my all to get it.

Meat is our 'bread and butter', but to my own admittance, I have a mild cheese obsession! I can help pair your meat with all kinds of deli treats.

Butchery is in our blood. I'm a fourth-generation butcher and my late father holds the record for splitting a pig in half at Smithfield Market in just nine seconds! The practice is discontinued nowadays...

Here's to the next 10 years. Hope to see you pop into the shop and see us real soon. Cheers!

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