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Here at Preston Family Butchers, we always aim to please our customers. Whatever you want and whenever you need it, we can help. Whether it be our hand-prepared meats, succulent pies of even Amanda's expertly- made sausages, we want to help.

Like any other market, the meat industry is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs and requirements. Recently, we have been producing our own range of South African delicacies, such as boerewors. It comes highly recommended by our regulars originally from the nation!

Alongside the traditional cuts of chicken, pork, lamb and beef, we also boast a wide selection of game and offal. Put simply; if you want something, all you have to do is ask. We will always do our best to help.

We aren't just 'all about the meat', either. We always have a wide range of fine cheeses, jams, chutney, pâté and dripping. The list is endless. Come in and see for yourself.

Purveyor of fine meats.

Mark and Amanda Williams have been the proud owners of Preston Family Butchers for over 10 years. Alongside assistants butcher Jack and a few hardworking apprentices, we have been serving not only the local community, but also customers as far afield as Brighton, London and even our French counterparts across the Channel.

Trained as a butcher from a young age, Mark comes from a butchering background; the trade entered the family with Mark's great-grandfather and today he proudly continues this tradition.

Coming from a long line of butchers, Mark and Amanda have kept this dying art alive. As part of English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX), they strive to provide you with some of the finest produce available. Just see our BBQ packs or the popular £20 Meal Deal for reference!

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